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Title page
  • normal rules for title page
  • separate page (2 or ii)
  • center "Abstract" on first line of page 2 (no quotation marks, no underline, no bold, etc.)
  • indent for paragraph
  • abstract includes, in paragraph form:
    • topic
    • controversy (if appropriate)
    • research question
    • subquestions
    • conclusion (note: the abstract includes your conclusion: the introduction [below] does not include your conclusion)
  • begins on page 3
  • paper title centered on first line (do not use "Introduction")
  • four topic paragraphs, each previewing an important aspect of the paper
  • a plan of the essay
    • research question
    • six subtopics or subquestions
      • the first subtopic is introductory: background, context, history, scope of problem, etc.
      • the final subtopic is concluding--your answer to the research question (give this section a subtitle, not "Conclusion")
  • subtopics/subquestions must be in a logical order that leads to the answer to your research question
  • use normal sentence capitalization style for subquestions and subtopics
  • introduction should not answer the research question--do not give your conclusion
  • the first section of the paper after the Introduction should begin immediately after the list of subtopics. Do not begin the first subtopic on a new page (unless the list of subtopics ends at the bottom of the page)
  • the first section begins with a subtitle. The subtitle must be the exact phrase or question listed as #1 on the list of subtopics.
  • do not number subtitles in the research paper
  • the subtitle should be centered on first line of the page
  • do not skip an extra line before or after the subtitle
  • the subtitle must have title capitalization--first word and all significant words begin with caps.
  • the final section is your conclusion. You must answer your research question. Continue to use sources in your conclusion.
  • the paper must make serious use of sources. Use a variety of quotations and paraphrasess. As much as possible, weave sources together.
  • all quotes and paraphrases must be properly cited
  • use correct APA references format
  • all kinds of sources (books, periodical, web sites, etc.) are listed together in alphabetical order by author's last name, or first word of title is there is no author

Preparing for the conference
  • complete Conference form
  • you must bring your sources to the conference

  • to prepare sources for conference:
    • all sources must be in alphabetical order, exactly as they are listed in your References
    • all quoted and paraphrased passages in the sources must be marked for rapid access
    • if you prefer not to bring your books, you must xerox the page with the passage you quoted or paraphrased, and also xerox the title page of the book

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